Memberships and Partners

Coriolis ESG by TradeSun is committed to strengthening knowledge and staying current on the latest developments impacting global business and supply chain. 

Coriolis ESG, and parent firm TradeSun, hold membership to professional organisations to uphold the highest quality service for our sector. 

Additionally, we understand that collaborating across supply chain and trade, a trillion-dollar and highly complex business, will be the only way to support and facilitate sustainable socio-economic growth.

Our partners include:

International Trade and Forfaiting Association

International Chamber of Commerce

Strategic partnership

International Trade Centre

Institute of Export & International Trade

BAFT logo

Bankers Association for Finance and Trade

IBM - TradeSun partner

S&P Global - TradeSun partner

Strategic partnership Coriolis Surecomp


If you are interested in partnering with Coriolis ESG by TradeSun, email: [email protected]

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