Powering Sustainable Business

CoriolisESG by TradeSun is propelling sustainability with the world’s first automated environmental, social and governance scoring solution. 

CoriolisESG is an accessible, independent and highly effective solution, delivered via UI or API, that enhances enterprise intelligence and resilience by measuring key entity data against globally recognised frameworks, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Taxonomy, leading the way for more sustainable business flows.

Captured information provides insight into international business activity, risk assessment, regulation compliance, geopolitical risk, due diligence, and supply chain analysis. The underlying data fabric of CoriolisESG is non-punitive, unbiased and scaleable, offering a unique and independent view of global business.

CoriolisESG is wholly owned by TradeSun, the leading AI company automating global trade flows, compliance, and ESG scoring for business.

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