Coriolis Launches First Ever Automated ESG Ratings Tool

Coriolis is incredibly proud to announce the launch of Automated ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Ratings, the only fully automated & standardised tool for measuring ESG & sustainability.

Over the past 12 months, 40+ banks, businesses, and policymakers have participated in the Kosmos Working Group, supporting Coriolis Technologies in developing the ESG rating solution.

Coriolis’ ESG Ratings allow the financial services industry to monitor the ESG activity of the world’s companies and supply chains. These ratings help facilitate supply chain transparency by measuring ESG impact throughout all tiers – which are now regulatory requirements.

The system automates ESG ratings by processing company information aggregated from a unique library of open sources. It then scores the information against sustainability regulations. The total ESG Rating includes insight into how company activity fairs against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, European Union Taxonomy, greenhouse gas emissions assessment at scope 1-3, geospatial analysis, and negative news. The system covers 400 million companies globally and is expanding. Companies can also disclose further information through the self-reporting functionality.

Several clients are implementing ESG scoring into their processes, including financial institutions Lloyds Banking Group, Santander and First Abu Dhabi Bank. A range of partners have made the tool available to their clients by integrating the product into their solution, most notably the Institute of Export and International Trade, Minehub, Surecomp, and TradeSun.

The product offers an anti-greenwash, universal, non–punitive, non-gameable, and scalable method for measuring company ESG efforts worldwide. Clients and partners can use the system to facilitate funding for sustainable projects and mitigate the reputational risks of not adopting CSR and the financial risks of engaging in unethical trade. The system offers flexible insight allowing financial institutions to provide financial incentives to their clients upon meeting specific ESG criteria. Companies are empowered to manage their business’s environmental and social impact.

Dr. Rebecca Harding, Founder of Coriolis Technologies, said:

“I am unbelievably proud of what we have achieved today. The ESG Rating product has been a truly collaborative project across the industry. It’s a huge step forward to offer a universal tool that can provide meaningful insight into measuring sustainability efforts. What’s great is that the system is scalable, and we will continue moving forward, accommodating further regulation and incorporating our community’s feedback.”


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